AVID Pro Tools Certified User training brought to you by Audio Girl & Powered by Immersive and Inclusive Audio

AVID Pro Tools Certified User training brought to you by Audio Girl & Powered by Immersive and Inclusive Audio

Audio Girl Foundation in partnership with Immersive and Inclusive Audio, CIC will be giving 5 African women full scholarships to become AVID Pro Tools Certified Users. 

Applicants can now apply for the opportunity to train and become certified Pro Tools users, an industry recognized credential for both academic users and industry professionals. 

The training will offer two foundational AVID courses, Pro Tools Fundamentals I (PT101) and Pro Tools Fundamentals II (PT110), 

The opportunity is open to young African women who are music producers, audio engineers, sound editors for film, TV and podcasts, with any level of experience (beginners to experts).

This training is brought to you by Audio Girl Foundation, powered by Immersive and Inclusive Audio, CIC and will be facilitated by Audio Engineer & Educator, Leslie Gaston-Bird. 

Immersive and Inclusion Audio, CIC is an Avid Learning Partner. This opportunity is made possible by Avid’s DEI sponsorship program.

The call for applications for the program awards is now open through June 10, 2022.

Criteria and application form are available below. 

Applications will be reviewed by the Audio Girl team. Award recipients will be contacted by 10th of June and announced on June 15th, 2022.

Applicants chosen for this training will have the opportunity to sit for the certification exam and upon passing will be awarded the certification.

Each of these courses are valued at $1400 each and selected participants will be awarded full scholarships for both courses.

About the Pro Tools User Certification Program​

To gain the title of Avid Certified User for Pro Tools, you must take two foundational courses, Pro Tools Fundamentals I (PT101) and Pro Tools Fundamentals II (PT110), before sitting and passing the associated certification exam, as shown in the graphic below.

Becoming an Avid Certified User for Pro Tools verifies that you possess a fundamental understanding of and the capability to use Avid Pro Tools to engineer a project through to completion, with all of the fundamental operational skills to record, edit, mix and output the finished session.

The Pro Tools Fundamentals I (PT101) course introduces fundamental Pro Tools concepts and principles, covering everything an individual needs to know to complete a basic Pro Tools project, from initial setup to final mixdown.

Students also learn to build sessions that include multi-track recordings of live audio, MIDI sequences and virtual instruments. Hands-on exercises and projects introduce essential techniques for creating sessions, recording and importing audio and MIDI, editing session media, navigating sessions and arranging media on tracks, and using basic processing and mixing techniques to finalize a production. Included with the course material is a download of media files and Pro Tools sessions to accompany the exercises and projects in the text.

The Pro Tools Fundamentals II (PT110) course expands upon the basic principles taught in the Pro Tools Fundamentals I (PT101) course and introduces the core concepts and techniques students need to competently operate a Pro Tools system running mid-sized sessions.

Students learn to build sessions designed for commercial purposes and improve the results of their recording, editing, and mixing efforts. The hands-on exercises provide experience setting up sessions, importing media, working with digital video, spotting sound effects, using loop recording and MIDI Merge techniques, working with virtual instruments, warping with Elastic Audio, applying Real-Time Properties, creating clip loops, applying signal processing, using automation, and using submixes and track groups to simplify a final mix.

Together these two courses (PT 101 &110) provide the foundation training required to prepare for the Avid Certified User: Pro Tools certification exam.

Application Process


The following requirements are very important in ensuring your application goes through. Ensure you meet all of these requirements before you apply.

  • A basic knowledge of Pro Tools or any other digital audio workstation software
  • A working laptop
  • You must be 18+ and identify as a woman of African descent.
  • Be a member of the Audio Girl community.
  • Be able to commit your time for the entire period of the training (MANDATORY)

20th-24th June, 2022.

You would be expected to be available for the entire duration of the training program.

Training Duration

Only Five successful applicants will be awarded for this round of the training. Please ensure to put your best foot forward for this application.

Application Timeline

  • Applicants must submit their applications on or before 5th of June, 2022.
  • A confirmation email will be sent to you within 24 hours.
  • Selection period will be between 5th – 10th June, 2022
  • Successful applicants will be notified with the next steps by 10th June. Due to expected high volume of applications we won’t be reaching out to unsuccessful applicants at this time, so if you don’t hear from us, be on the lookout for the next one as you will be added automatically to the waitlist.
  • Successful applicants will be announced on 15th June, 2022.
  • Training begins on 20th-24th June, 2022.

Becoming an Avid Certified User for Pro Tools allows you to:

  • Demonstrate your fundamental competency in digital audio editing and mixing with Avid Pro Tools 
  • Provide measurable benefits to your employer
  • Differentiate yourself from peers
  • Make your résumé stand out and leverage the power of the Avid brand with downloadable Avid Certified User logos
  • Prove your credentials with a Certificate of Achievement
  • Gain recognition from your employer and peers with AVID’s online Certified Professional listing


Additional Opportunities

Once certified, you will have the opportunity to further deepen your Pro Tools expertise and add to your credentials by pursuing one or more of the follow on Pro Tools certifications, such as Avid Certified Operator and Avid Certified Expert for Pro Tools | Music or Pro Tools | Post, or even an Avid Certified Support Engineer for Pro Tools.


What if I already know how to edit & mix in another application and just need to learn Pro Tools?

You can still apply. The certification courses are designed for all engineers, producers, or anyone involved in the creation and delivery of digital audio. For students already familiar with other DAWs and mixing fundamentals, both courses will be taught in a total of 5 day intensive classes. 

How much does certification cost?

Each course in the program is valued at $1400 each, making a total of $2800 for the certification program. Selected applicants will be awarded a full scholarship for the training and exam. 

What is the format of the exam?

The exam is comprised of 50 questions with 60 minutes allotted to complete.

Test items are presented in the following formats:

  • Multiple Choice: Select the single option that best answers the question
  • Illustration Review: Refer to the illustration prior to answering the multiple choice question
  • Illustration Response: Select the single image that best answers the question
What will I receive if I successfully pass the exam?

Along with pride and confidence of becoming an Avid Certified User for Pro Tools you will receive:

  • Official certificate available for printing or download, proving your Avid Certified User status
  • Downloadable Logos, for use in your resume, business marketing materials such as business cards and websites
  • (Optional with your express consent) Listing of your credentials on Avid.com under Find a Certified Professional
How long is certification good for?

Your Pro Tools certification does not expire. You become certified for a particular version of Pro Tools software. You may find it beneficial to update your certification to the current version from time to time.

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