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Organize Audio Girl Workshops

Events are always non-profit and free for participants.

Audio Girl events are organized by groups of exceptional volunteers in cities all over Africa. Events are always non-profit and free for participants. We DO NOT PAY coaches, speakers or organizers. Attendees don’t need any previous knowledge about Music technology/business and there are no age limitations. All attendees need is a laptop and some curiosity!

As of 2020, Audio Girl workshops can only be held remotely. This is due to the ongoing Global Pandemic, and also to ensure the safety of our organisers, volunteers and participants. We will review this decision in 2022, and hope to also allow for in-person workshops as soon as it is safe to do so.


A physical workshop is any workshop where participants, coaches, and organisers, all meet in the same physical location. Participants can work together in teams and support from coaches is done face-to-face.

These workshops should only be conducted when it is safe to do so, and you may be asked in your application to provide evidence of why you feel this type of workshop is safe, and what, if any, safety measures you will be putting in place.

If you are not sure if it is safe to hold a physical workshop, you might prefer to organise an online workshop instead.


A webinar is a workshop conducted online, where participants, coaches and organisers are in different physical locations.

Please note that Most of our workshops in 2022 will take this format except stated otherwise.

This type of workshop may be more suitable in situations where it might not be safe, affordable, or logistically possible to host a workshop in-person, or where difficulties finding sponsorship would be a barrier to running to the workshop in-person. Remote workshops also allow for more flexibility with the location of your attendees and coaches.

Since June 2018, over 10 Audio Girl workshops have been organized. Join other volunteers and bring Audio Girl to your city!

The Value of Organizing Audio
Girl Workshop

  • Join other passionate, kind and helpful organizers all over Africa.
  • Make a real impact to advance the diversity in the Music industry
  • Play a huge role in fostering the Audio/music community in your local area.