Audio Girl Africa


Annual Events

Audio Girl Showcase

Live Gig/Concert| Exhibition| Panel Discussion| Auction learning and Networking Event

Tentative dates

Saturday, August 27th/Sept 3rd

Sunday, August 28th/ Sept 4th

Quarterly Events

Music Hackathons, Live sessions, Music Sheds, Songwriting Bootcamps, bringing women recording artists, songwriters and publishers from across the industry together to create in a safe space and celebrate their work. 

As we find this to be a critical part of our work and a necessary agent for change within the industry, Audio Girl Africa is continually seeking potential partners for future camps including publishers, PROs, record labels, digital sales providers, management companies, brands and anyone else who wants to contribute directly to the cause. Please reach out directly

Upcoming Sessions

Ayra Starr, SGAWD, Fave

Don’t See An Event In Your City?

Bring Audio Girl to Your City

Everyone can organize their own Audio Girl workshop and share it with their community