Audio Girl Pod x Elizabeth Sobowale

If we do more for the creative industry and we develop it, it can be just as stable as any other industry, it just needs us to figure out and build the structure that helps us locally.
Elizabeth Sobowale

Audio Girl Chat with Talent Manager, Elizabeth Sobowale

Our Host, Bybisasa sat down to chat with DJ Cuppy’s former manager, Talent Manager and Founder, Brand & Stitch and now appointed Program Director, Music Business Academy (MBA Africa), the Incredible Elizabeth Shobowale!

She talked about her very inspiring journey into the music industry and shared some amazing tips for young creatives trying to navigate their way in the music industry.

Let’s just say we learnt a whole lot from Liz while recording this podcast and our conversation was mind-blowing and inspiring and we are sure you’d like it too! 

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Cheers Audio Girl!

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