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As we celebrate International women’s day across the world, the equality we are pushing for is still a far cry especially in the music technology and business sector.

Here in Africa, less than 1% of people working as professionals (producers, engineers, music execs, etc.) in the music and audio industry are women. And we realise that this is not a lack of interest from women but a problem of access to opportunities and quality trainings that are also affordable for the average African girl.

Here at Audio girl Foundation, Our mission is to fill that gap and provide adequate support and learning opportunities for young women across Africa. Through our initiatives, we want to increase the number of African women working as producers, engineers and music executives by providing the right opportunities and support.

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We are grateful to Audio Girl founding partners for their leadership and generosity in helping to create a music world that is equal and inclusive to women in Africa.

Partners support Audio Girl overall initiatives; fund all-female bootcamps that will connect artists to writers, producers, engineers,etc.; and sponsor Audio Girl workshops and programs that will help educate young African women about opportunities in the music industry.